Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First Annual Summer Patio Sale!

C.K.Cleghorns 1st Annual Summer

Patio Sale on lots of Items

The fun starts This Thursday, June 27 at 9 am !! 

Sale ends on Friday as we close for vacation!

The indusrtrial look is so popular now and for good reason!

Look for anything metal or rusted.  The Industrial look incorporates Cool design, but with no stress! Perfect for houses with kids, grandkids, or Pets!
We have a pair!

This is the time to stock up on the things that you have been thinking about all Spring, but haven't gotten yet.

These Kitchen towels make great gifts!
(and are on sale;)

Our Fun Artsy Aprons will be on sale!

Pillows! Pillows! Pillows!

These make great Dorm room additions! They look great anytime you want a touch of whimsy and to be right on trend. These fun pillows will update your look without a huge commitment!

All Alexandra Ferguson Pillows on sale!

The sofa is aleady sold, but look how great the pillow looks with it!

Did you ask what else is on sale??

Our three lines of candles will be reduced and some of our furniture.
But wait there's more...!

We have a few scratch and dent items because who doesn't Love, Love, Love  scratch and dent!!

Daisy and I are excited about finding fabulous treasures at Market in July!
We are closing this Saturday, June 29th-July 30th. You might find us here by chance so come in if the flag is out or call us for an appointment. Whoever is around will be glad to come meet you at the gallery!
Kim and Caroline