Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall wreaths going to bed!

I started making one for a friend!
One thing led to another and another ...and guess what?! Making wreaths is a great form of artistic expression. 
I began with Halloween and I loved this look! I found these online and I hand painted the pumpkins. I was inspired by Mackenzie Childs. I love everything she does so this is my homage to her! Thanks for the inspiration. If you look on Pinterest then you will see some fabulous wreaths with legs,hats etcetera. I changed things up with this beauty by having her kick up her foot. Do y'all remember the forties era practice of a girl lifting her foot as she was kissed.? This wreath is called first kiss. I love it! It is still for sale and is very large.

 Here is my mirror wall covered in Fall wreaths. The beauty with the rooster is oversized at 36 inches but one must always consider proportion as well as form and function. 
Here is the rooster wreath in a close up! 
                    Too much fun!!!

         A pair for your double doors!

Raffia is always a fun touch!

I absolutely love these wooden shoes!!