Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall wreaths going to bed!

I started making one for a friend!
One thing led to another and another ...and guess what?! Making wreaths is a great form of artistic expression. 
I began with Halloween and I loved this look! I found these online and I hand painted the pumpkins. I was inspired by Mackenzie Childs. I love everything she does so this is my homage to her! Thanks for the inspiration. If you look on Pinterest then you will see some fabulous wreaths with legs,hats etcetera. I changed things up with this beauty by having her kick up her foot. Do y'all remember the forties era practice of a girl lifting her foot as she was kissed.? This wreath is called first kiss. I love it! It is still for sale and is very large.

 Here is my mirror wall covered in Fall wreaths. The beauty with the rooster is oversized at 36 inches but one must always consider proportion as well as form and function. 
Here is the rooster wreath in a close up! 
                    Too much fun!!!

         A pair for your double doors!

Raffia is always a fun touch!

I absolutely love these wooden shoes!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

July Market in HOTLANTA !

Atlanta market plus CK CLEGHORNS equals 
Fabulous finds and happiness for all!
Who doesn't love Fall!
Shannon Martin is so funny!! We are carrying more of her hilarious products including cards, magnets, luggage tags, and new cocktail napkins!! She totally up sold me!! I couldn't resist...:)
Look at the Barbie skirt!!
This a a super cool artist named Amy. I fell in love with her custom necklaces. 
They are fun, whimsical, one of A kind pieces just like the girls at SOFLO!!
Clever!! Suitcase coffee table! Great coffee   tables are so hard to find!
Great mirror
❤❤❤ crow fountain... Had to have it!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First Annual Summer Patio Sale!

C.K.Cleghorns 1st Annual Summer

Patio Sale on lots of Items

The fun starts This Thursday, June 27 at 9 am !! 

Sale ends on Friday as we close for vacation!

The indusrtrial look is so popular now and for good reason!

Look for anything metal or rusted.  The Industrial look incorporates Cool design, but with no stress! Perfect for houses with kids, grandkids, or Pets!
We have a pair!

This is the time to stock up on the things that you have been thinking about all Spring, but haven't gotten yet.

These Kitchen towels make great gifts!
(and are on sale;)

Our Fun Artsy Aprons will be on sale!

Pillows! Pillows! Pillows!

These make great Dorm room additions! They look great anytime you want a touch of whimsy and to be right on trend. These fun pillows will update your look without a huge commitment!

All Alexandra Ferguson Pillows on sale!

The sofa is aleady sold, but look how great the pillow looks with it!

Did you ask what else is on sale??

Our three lines of candles will be reduced and some of our furniture.
But wait there's more...!

We have a few scratch and dent items because who doesn't Love, Love, Love  scratch and dent!!

Daisy and I are excited about finding fabulous treasures at Market in July!
We are closing this Saturday, June 29th-July 30th. You might find us here by chance so come in if the flag is out or call us for an appointment. Whoever is around will be glad to come meet you at the gallery!
Kim and Caroline

Monday, April 15, 2013

Art defeats Drudgery!

Brighten your day doing the dishes!
I cannot say enough great things about c.k. 'S new kitchen towels and aprons!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Refllections on the ART of Reupholstering

This Victorian needs a facelift!

It is in perfect condition, except for the pink velvet!

I was pondering whether to recover this up online, watched some You Tube videos, bought a comprehensive textbook. And.....

This fabric looks like a great abstract painting!

This paint does it all!

Started painting!!!

Using my cool collage app


Progress?? Paralysis??

"There is nothing to fear except fear itself!"  F.D.R. 1933
I then started taking off the gimp or trim or welting or whatever you are suppossed to call it.  I need to review my upholstery vocab list again!

FYI, there is a lot more to this than buying the fabric and digging out the staple gun.  I really enjoy the creative part of buying the fabric and picking the paint.  I love, love, love the painting part.  I even love the studying is the execution part that scares me.
This is a great sturdy sofa and this fabric is not to be found again as I bought all they had at a funky little fabric shop. No, of course they cannot order more.
What am I afraid of? The welting? a little, the springs? yes, but more than all that, it is the BUTTONS!

The next step may be to get some prices...


Friday, March 22, 2013

New Original Art

We have so many new paintings!
I love the whimsical Cavalier painting ! I painted it as a counterpoint to the more serious ... If possible, haha earlier Blenheim King Charles that has already sold. This one is 9x12 in a hand painted frame.
Blue cow is a bit funky. I LOVE to paint cows!!!
The Spring Flowers painting is hanging in our gallery window and we get compliments everyday. ( you know I love that) it is for sale, unframed for $350. It is a bargain and it is large at 24x34!
The red swans are beautiful and vibrant. My son, was the one who told me to paint the background red . He really has a good eye for color.
The beagle. Everybody loves a beagle!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trending at c.k.cleghorns

UNIQUE "found" Treasures 

We have this great Farmhouse Modern dough bowl.  It looks great filled with our new fab Moss orbs!
We have only one left!
 We love this French Salon base.  Hopefully, we can find more large ones! We should have bought more on our buying trip...But who knew they would be so great and so so versatile.  Some uses are to serve apps or wine on, give height to a floral arrangement or a lamp, or use to add importance to any item on display. The uses are endless and I can't believe I am selling my last one and not keeping for myself! That husband of mine is a task master!!!
Only one left!
 Rust is so great...Really,  we love the patina on these and think they look great paired or individually.  These are small, but we have other metal pieces that are over the top for adding interest and depth to your decor!
We have 2 left!

Come see us!!!

Kim & Caroline

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New products coming in daily!

Let me introduce our new Old Flame candle line!

These are not Yankee Candles nor one of its knock offs!

Now, I'm not hating on Clean Cotton or Caribbean Breeze. I, also can be found getting overwhelmed at the ubiquitous Bed, Bath and the Masses from time to time. BUT NOW Is the Time to try something new!

Your home choices are a reflection of you so let's make yours unique. A quick easy way to accomplish this is through a great fragrant candle!

These candles combine uncommon scents into delightful blends that will make your home smell unlike everyone else's.

My new friend, Charles, in Savannah, Ga has spent an inordinate amount of time testing and combining essential oils to create these original scents. He uses 100% soy wax, the max amount of oils, and unique and reflective art on his heavy glass jars.

And here is the best part, it is 100% American made by Charles himself ! ( another bonus is he was born in Leesburg, Fl. And now lives in Sav.'h :).

c.k.cleghorns was his second order at market!

Hemingway fans will love his Absinthe candle! His Red Velvet Cake is delicious and his Hey Girl Collection is fantastic!

Old flame is exotic, southern, sophisticated with a splash of je ne sais quoi, just like YOU!
Our New Lotus Jewelry is ready and waiting!

Hope to see you this week!


Kim and Caroline

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Pillows and Puppies=Perfection!

I can't stop talking/ posting about the new pillows from Alexandra Ferguson. Her pillows are already the rage in London at the Liberty Department store and are about to hit it big here.  I am so excited to have them in our gallery in Lakeland! We can order custom pillows and vary the sayings, fonts, and fabrics! The sky is the limit!

Moses on my couch! He really needs this pillow!! $95

This is the baby, Duke, and he really does try! $105

Y'all already know Daisy Delilah!$105

This is perfect for Lola as she is a little nervous at times. $75

Love this! I want it in every color!$129

These pillows are 100% American made. Come to the 1026 SoFlo Gallery!
Kim and Caroline