Monday, April 8, 2013

Refllections on the ART of Reupholstering

This Victorian needs a facelift!

It is in perfect condition, except for the pink velvet!

I was pondering whether to recover this up online, watched some You Tube videos, bought a comprehensive textbook. And.....

This fabric looks like a great abstract painting!

This paint does it all!

Started painting!!!

Using my cool collage app


Progress?? Paralysis??

"There is nothing to fear except fear itself!"  F.D.R. 1933
I then started taking off the gimp or trim or welting or whatever you are suppossed to call it.  I need to review my upholstery vocab list again!

FYI, there is a lot more to this than buying the fabric and digging out the staple gun.  I really enjoy the creative part of buying the fabric and picking the paint.  I love, love, love the painting part.  I even love the studying is the execution part that scares me.
This is a great sturdy sofa and this fabric is not to be found again as I bought all they had at a funky little fabric shop. No, of course they cannot order more.
What am I afraid of? The welting? a little, the springs? yes, but more than all that, it is the BUTTONS!

The next step may be to get some prices...


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