Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lotus Jewelry Line

Things are heating up!

Lotus Jewelry is coming this week!
Coming soon!

I am so excited about this new and thus far our only jewelry line.  However, things are never simple at the Cleghorn home or business for that matter.  I was talking to the very sweet, new girl at Lotus...actually I was trying to get my order shipped early for this Thursday.  We were deep in our bonding ( y'all who know me well, know how I love to talk to new people.)
 Anyway, I hear all this loud and tumultuous barking. At first, I tried to ignore and then the crescendo kept rising and I had to ask, Julie, I think her name was to please hold on as I checked on ( Lola, Daisy, Moses, Champ, and Duke).  I look outside and they had a poor Jehovah witness pinned against her car...She must have really wanted to give me that pamphlet to get out of her sensible sedan in her sensible witnessing clothes and confront 5 large Golden Retrievers...I felt so bad that I took her pamphlet told her I loved Jesus and bye bye as I had Julie on the phone.
She must have thought I needed help as she kept on talking...Jehovah witness girl should be in sales that's for sure...hmm? I bet she's honest?? Alas, nothing is ever easy around here!

The Pack!

oh, and yes! They are shipping early! I hope the order will be here by Thursday!!

Kim and Caroline

Sunday, January 20, 2013

January Antique Extravaganza

I was in heaven for the second weekend in a row.

Look at the Foo dog hiding on the right.

This started the ball rolling... AND I WAS OFF!!! 

I found this chair and candelabra at my first stop and met the nicest girl from Ormond beach...I wish I could remember her name, but she had great taste and even greater pieces.

I passed on him and I should not have!

Since Caroline was in school, I had the biggest, loveliest lunch on a picnic table. For those of you who know me, you know that I cannot resist a hot dog.  When I was a girl, my Granddaddy would make the best Oscar Meyer hot dogs in the world. He would load it up with Vidalia onions, brown mustard, homemade pickle relish, sour kraut, ketchup, mayo and of course, lots of LOVE and that would normally be a Saturday lunch. We would then go and work in the yard all day...hence my love of gardening!
Have I mentioned that I LOVE hot dogs?!!

These dough bowls were great and I had met this same gentleman from Rosemary Beach at Scott's last weekend.  Even though he was  from Florida, he had that sweet Alabama accent. I did try to charm him to get him off his prices a bit, but sadly to no avail. Clearly, it was not his first rodeo and Clearly, I'm not as young and cute as I used to be...hahaha! But, I did give it a good go !!

Dough Bowls are harder and harder to find these days!

These urns below were fabulous but needed a little work. The Vendors were very nice and the wife and I exchanged thoughts on how nice it was to be married to someone that you had met at 17.  She had been happily married for 34 years. She had a surprisingly good attitude for one sitting out in the dirt and wind, in the cold, far away from home haggling with housewives.  I need to be more grateful!!!

Next time, I will show you what else I got.  Clearly, this is not all as you can see below from my husband's full car. Caroline and Bob did not think I could do it alone, but where there is will there is a way! 
I love a full car

 Please Mark Your Calendars for February 1! Caroline and I are so excited about the gallery!

Kim and Caroline

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We are excited!

Our Gallery will open on February 1, 2013

at the 1026 SOFLO Gallery

1026 S. Florida Avenue

( Formerly All Good Things)

Caroline and I had a great time in Atlanta and filled the car to capacity.  It was crazy how much stuff we crammed into our car.  We were in heaven! Everywhere we looked there was something fabulous and never to be found again!  

Beautiful with an orchid or alone
Everyone needs good brackets
 We were clearly in the right place. I had never seen so many beautiful, well- dressed women with huge Louis Vuitton bags and fabulous designer boots in one place at one time.  Clearly we were not in Kansas any more much less Polk County.  I'm guessing they were either interior designers of they had huge houses to fill based on how things were being snapped up.

These were being lapped up... Caroline wants to keep it.....
 Thank God for Caroline running a tight ship because I had lost my mind and gone crazy too.  I tend to get carried away, but in my defense... the stuff was just So So GREAT!
Beautiful Planters

sorry about the upside down pic! Lol
but it is a great coffee table!

These have so much possibility
Come See Us!
Kim and Caroline