Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We are excited!

Our Gallery will open on February 1, 2013

at the 1026 SOFLO Gallery

1026 S. Florida Avenue

( Formerly All Good Things)

Caroline and I had a great time in Atlanta and filled the car to capacity.  It was crazy how much stuff we crammed into our car.  We were in heaven! Everywhere we looked there was something fabulous and never to be found again!  

Beautiful with an orchid or alone
Everyone needs good brackets
 We were clearly in the right place. I had never seen so many beautiful, well- dressed women with huge Louis Vuitton bags and fabulous designer boots in one place at one time.  Clearly we were not in Kansas any more much less Polk County.  I'm guessing they were either interior designers of they had huge houses to fill based on how things were being snapped up.

These were being lapped up... Caroline wants to keep it.....
 Thank God for Caroline running a tight ship because I had lost my mind and gone crazy too.  I tend to get carried away, but in my defense... the stuff was just So So GREAT!
Beautiful Planters

sorry about the upside down pic! Lol
but it is a great coffee table!

These have so much possibility
Come See Us!
Kim and Caroline

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