Thursday, February 14, 2013


Pillows and Puppies=Perfection!

I can't stop talking/ posting about the new pillows from Alexandra Ferguson. Her pillows are already the rage in London at the Liberty Department store and are about to hit it big here.  I am so excited to have them in our gallery in Lakeland! We can order custom pillows and vary the sayings, fonts, and fabrics! The sky is the limit!

Moses on my couch! He really needs this pillow!! $95

This is the baby, Duke, and he really does try! $105

Y'all already know Daisy Delilah!$105

This is perfect for Lola as she is a little nervous at times. $75

Love this! I want it in every color!$129

These pillows are 100% American made. Come to the 1026 SoFlo Gallery!
Kim and Caroline

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