Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lotus Jewelry Line

Things are heating up!

Lotus Jewelry is coming this week!
Coming soon!

I am so excited about this new and thus far our only jewelry line.  However, things are never simple at the Cleghorn home or business for that matter.  I was talking to the very sweet, new girl at Lotus...actually I was trying to get my order shipped early for this Thursday.  We were deep in our bonding ( y'all who know me well, know how I love to talk to new people.)
 Anyway, I hear all this loud and tumultuous barking. At first, I tried to ignore and then the crescendo kept rising and I had to ask, Julie, I think her name was to please hold on as I checked on ( Lola, Daisy, Moses, Champ, and Duke).  I look outside and they had a poor Jehovah witness pinned against her car...She must have really wanted to give me that pamphlet to get out of her sensible sedan in her sensible witnessing clothes and confront 5 large Golden Retrievers...I felt so bad that I took her pamphlet told her I loved Jesus and bye bye as I had Julie on the phone.
She must have thought I needed help as she kept on talking...Jehovah witness girl should be in sales that's for sure...hmm? I bet she's honest?? Alas, nothing is ever easy around here!

The Pack!

oh, and yes! They are shipping early! I hope the order will be here by Thursday!!

Kim and Caroline

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